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Douglas B. Davis


Background & Personal Biography
I grew up in Western North Carolina.  My father taught photography at the area high school when I was a kid.  I was not born with a camera in my hand, but grew up under the amber glow of a darkroom safe light.

I first began teaching myself basic darkroom printing techniques when I was sixteen years old.  Upon entering college, I chose to focus solely on the fine arts with a concentration in photography.

I have had the distinguished honor of working with the Savannah Photo Workshops, the Maine Media Workshops, and receiving invitations to speak at colleges and universities.

My work has been displayed in galleries, belongs in private collections, and has been used in various publications and commercial endorsements.


My Photography
I aspire to make photographs that evoke a sense of mystery or one of ambiguity.  People, particularly their absence within public settings, fascinate me.  My tendencies to create a somewhat abstract photograph begin by inserting myself into a particular place.  Whether that be photographing places that have long been abandoned or photographing within a public setting where people have been obscured or remain absent altogether.


My photographic influences include Keith Carter, Carl Bergman, Walker Evans, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, and Jack Leigh.


My Interests
Photographically driven, I surround myself with the opportunity to create and continue to study the ever-evolving medium.  In search of new photographic adventures, I enjoy traveling and embracing the challenge to move outside of my comfort zone to create new photographs.

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